Lake Toho Bass Fishing, Lake Tohopekaliga, FL

Many of the same plants and animals found in the Florida Everglades can be found at West Lake Tohopekaliga. But most importantly, West Lake Toho provides some of the best big bass fishing for anglers in the United States. This lake produces more bass over ten pounds than any other lake in the world and is truly a trophy bass fisherman's paradise! If you want to catch a BIG bass to hang over your fireplace - Lake Toho is the place.

Lake Tohopekaliga - Also Known as Lake Toho

Lake Toho Enjoy a day of Bass fishing while listening to the sounds of nature on one of the Central Florida / Kissimmee area's most beautiful bass fishing lakes. West Lake Tohopekaliga (Toho) in Kissimmee / St. Cloud is just minutes from Disney and many of Orlando's other world-famous attractions. Still Toho remains one of Central Florida's most beautiful, unspoiled treasures. West Lake Toho is a 22,700 acre shallow lake with a length of 13 miles and a maximum width of over 4 miles.
West Lake Tohopekaliga and the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes are located just south of the city of Kissimmee and are the headwaters to the Everglades ecosystem. Approximately 1/3 of the lake is made up of maidencane grass and bullrush reeds,shown in the photo above.
Lake Tohopekaliga Map

Ed Chancey, founder of AJ's Freelancer bass Guide Service, holds the certified lake record bass with a massive weight of 16 lbs, 10 oz! The taxidermist that mounted this record fish noted the fish was spawned out and would have weighed close to 2 lbs. heavier if caught during the winter months.

The woman's world record was also caught at West Lake Toho and weighed an impressive 14 lbs. 5 oz. The largest two-man limit catch of large mouth bass totaled 151.23 lbs. with a 10 fish per licensed fisherman limit. [The current limit is 5 fish per licensed fisherman.]

The Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commissions biologists have indicated that there is one bass over ten pounds for every five acres of lake.

This lake is well known among serious fishing enthusiasts as one of the top Florida destinations to catch trophy bass.

Lake Toho Bass We all know that Florida experienced a few disappointing years in the late 80`s but in recent years, Florida freshwater fishing has made a dramatic comeback. In fact, last year was a banner year for catching trophy bass in Florida, and this year is expected to be even better, according to officials at the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. As a result, Toho and a few other well-managed Florida lakes are once again producing the really BIG bass that anglers dream about…. fish like the ones that lured fishing enthusiasts from all over the world during the 1960s and '70s.
Lake Toho Bass Fishin

Lake Tohopekaliga has become such a hot spot for bass fishing that it was chosen as the site of the first 1998 Forrest L. Wood (F.L.W.) bass tournament event.

West Lake Tohopekaliga (West Lake Toho) is approximately 1.75 miles southwest of downtown Kissimmee. It is approximately 20 miles from downtown Orlando, 12 miles from Disney World, EPCOT Center, MGM and Universal Studios and 16 miles from the Orlando International Airport, International Drive and Sea World. The perfect spot for a day of fishing while vacationing with family friends or even on your own.


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