Lake Toho double up

Summer Lake Toho fishing report

The bass fishing on Lake Toho this summer has been some of the most consistent we’ve ever seen, and it’s due to some unique circumstances. Right now we have more hydrilla on the lake than ever before, and the invasive grass has actually made for some excellent bass fishing. The water, which typically has a algae bloom at this time of year, is the cleanest I have ever seen during the summer, and the bass are loving it. We are averaging an incredible 30+ bass a day right now on just our 4 hour trips. With 40+ fish days happening […]

Giant Lake Toho bass

Lake Toho Spring Fishing Report

Spring bass fishing on Lake Toho here in Central Florida is one of the most productive times for catching good numbers of bass as well as the trophy bass of a lifetime. The reliability of bass fishing on Lake Toho at this time of year is due mainly to the weather becoming very stable and in turn the bass fishing is also very stable and productive at this time of year.   AJ’s Bass Guides has been in operation since 1970 and holds the lake record of 16 pounds 10 ounces which was caught by Ed Chancy the founder of […]

11 pound Lake Toho bass

Lake Toho Winter Forecast

The upcoming fishing season on Lake Toho is our peak season for the year mainly because this is the beginning of the spawning months here in Central Florida. January through March is when Lake Toho produces the vast majority of trophy-sized bass over 10 lbs and it is also our peak season overall for bass fishing here in Central Florida. The fishing is so good during this time of year because this is the time that the bass are in their pre-spawn and spawning stages which produce some of the best catches and some of the biggest bass during trips. […]

33 pound lake toho bag

Lake Toho Fall Fishing Report

As the cool weather of fall settles over Lake Toho, the bait throughout the lake have woken up. Mainly the shad, which have begun to spawn in different areas of the lake. This has caused a feeding frenzy of bass schooling up in large numbers. We’re averaging catching 20-30 bass on just our 4 hour trips and as always, when bass are feeding heavily on shad, the topwater bite is on also. The main area’s that this has been going on are shell beds and solid hydrilla and kissimmee grass lines. The shad like to spawn on hard edges and […]

Orlando's Lake Toho mega bag

The top 5 best topwater bass lures for Florida

Ah yes, topwater fishing. Everyone’s favorite. There’s nothing else quite like watching a bass come up and explode on your whopper plopper or frog. And if watching bass blow up on your lure wasn’t enough to get the blood pumping already, here’s another bonus. They’re ALL big fish lures. Yes when the bite is on, some of the biggest bass in the lake can be caught off of topwater lures. And I can attest to that from experience. Nearly ALL of the bass that I’ve caught that were over 10 pounds have been caught off of topwater lures! And it […]

7 pound lake Toho bass

Summer Lake Toho fishing report

Lake Toho this summer is healthier than ever. With the FWC not spraying any grass on the lake at all this year, there hasn’t been any algae bloom like years prior. Which has made the water quality and fishing throughout the whole lake solid. We’ve been catching an average of 20 to over 30+ fish a day on our guide trips and with conditions holding strong, it should remain that way for the rest of the summer. As usual at this time of year, the bulk of the bass have moved offshore to hydrilla beds, brush piles, and shell beds. […]

Lake Toho trophy bass

May Lake Toho Fishing report

This has been our BEST year we’ve ever had catching trophy sized bass on Lake Toho so far and it hasn’t let up. The lake continues to produce 7+ pound bass continuously and the water quality seems to be at the best its ever been with more natural grass like shrimp grass and pepper grass growing than ever before. We’ve been consistently putting 20+ fish in the boat on our charters with some days catching over 40! While shiners have been the best bite, this is also the best time of year for artificials, when 25-30 pound bags are caught […]

Lake Toho 7 pound bass

August Lake Toho Fishing Report

The bass fishing on Orlando’s Lake Toho has remained excellent this summer! We’re continuing to average 20- 30 bass on our charters with 5+ pounders remaining common. The recent Icast cup which was held on the lake by Major League fishing, and had a 3 fish limit, was won with an incredible 21lbs! With the heat of the summer here the best bite is during the first few hours of the morning when these fish binge feed, so these numbers are all coming from our shorter 2.5-4 hour trips. The reason for the consistently good fishing we’re experiencing is because […]

10 pound lake toho bass

May Lake Toho Fishing Report

This has been one of the best years we’ve had fishing Lake Toho. We caught an absolute boat load of 8-12 pound bass this winter and it just keeps continuing. The core of engineers has lowered the lake to it’s low pool (which they do every year at this time to simulate the dry season) but with all the offshore hydrilla that is in the lake the fish have moved out into it and the bite has remained strong. And that’s where they’re at right now, the summer offshore bite is in full effect and the big girls are holed […]

7 pound lake toho bass

Winter Lake Toho fishing forecast

The peak season for catching trophy size bass here in Florida is upon us. And the lake is setting up just right for it to be a year of rich harvest for us trophy bass fisherman. With massive patches of offshore hydrilla, the lake level as high as it can be, and the water throughout the lake cleaner than ever, we’ve been consistently pulling in bass over 7 pounds no matter what the weather. Just check out our Instagram @orlandobassguides or Facebook @freelancerbass to see them for yourself! The bass are fatter than ever filling up with eggs so they […]