Spring Forecast 2015

Spring Forecast: April, May, and June:

Spring is one of the most enjoyable times to be out on Lake Toho for a little freshwater fishing. The weather in Central Florida at this time of the year is almost always incredibly nice — sunny and clear. Lake Toho Fishing ReportWe offer four, five, six, and eight hour trips up until the middle of June. However, when the afternoons become too hot, the bass stop feeding, and we discourage guide trips longer than six hours. As always, the most productive time to fish for trophy bass is during the early hours of the day. A light rain or thunderstorm may occur before the day is over, but it likely will be too late in the day to interrupt your fishing.

Lake Conditions: Water temperatures are in the mid-80s. Air temperatures, however, vary during the day. They are usually in the mid 70s at daybreak, in the mid 80s by 10 AM, and in the low to mid 90s in the afternoon. During the months of July, August, and September, we recommend our clients book their trophy bass fishing trips for no more than 4, 5, or possibly 6 hours, beginning at first light. No matter how hot it gets as the day wears on, the first 3 1//2 hours of daylight can be some of the fastest fishing of the year.

Water Levels: The lake level is lowered 2 ½ feet to prepare for the typical afternoon rains. When the level is lowered, the bass move out to open water hydrilla fields. Large numbers of bass congregate in groups over the hydrilla beds. Then we can anchor our boat in special spots and catch good numbers of fish before moving on.

Average Catch: During the summer, the number of bass caught on half-day trips ranges from 10 to 15. When bass are more aggressive and active, a catch of 20 to 30 can be expected. Even on the worst of days, you can look to catch 5 to 8. The average size bass is about 3 pounds. However, 5 pounders are caught almost everyday. Catching a seven to eight pound bass is common, but it is not everyday you land one. As for 10+ pound trophy bass, we catch them all year round – just not as many during the summer as in the cool winter months when the bass feed throughout the day. But, you never know what will happen — an eight to ten pound largemouth bass may be your next catch.

Bait: As always, we recommend wild shiners for numbers of bass—and especially trophy-size bass. Artificial lures also can be very productive, provided you have the right conditions. Top-water baits are favored for early morning fishing. Plastic worms, flukes, sinkos, rattletraps, and spinner baits are the most productive lures used on Lake Toho and the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. So whether you prefer wild shiners or artificial lures, give us a call and we’ll set you up with a great fishing adventure on beautiful West Lake Tohopecaliga – the Number #1 Trophy Bass Lake in USA!

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