Lake Toho Winter News Flash!

Giant Lake Toho bass

Thanksgiving is the beginning of our peak season for catching trophy sized bass here in Kissimmee Florida on West Lake Toho. This is the time of year where we catch more bass in the 10-pound plus range than any other time of year, and to make it even better Hurricane Irma was a big benefit to the bass fishing on Lake Toho. Water levels rose three to four feet after the hurricane and it flushed out the lake and cleaned up the grass fields and water. Which has already made for some fantastic fall fishing and will make this winter peak season one for the record books!7 pound Florida bass

Why are the winter months so much better than any other time for catching giant bass in Florida? It’s because these are the spawning months. It begins in late November and goes all the way through till late April. Big egg filled females stack up into groups in pre-spawn staging areas. Which make the numbers of trophy sized bass that are caught at this time of year increase dramatically.

Fishing for spawning bass can be much more difficult to produce consistent numbers of big bass. The best way of catching these giant Florida bass is in the pre-spawn staging areas. These areas make for great fishing with good numbers of fishing being caught along with good chances at a trophy. Numbers of 10 pound plus bass have already started being caught. Mainly due to Irma these big females are already grouping up in there pre-spawn staging areas. We have caught several big bass that look like they’re loaded with eggs and only weeks away from moving up to spawn.

9 pound Kissimmee bassYou might ask “what are the best methods for fishing Lake Toho during the winter months?” Well it really doesn’t make any difference what time of year you are here. Large Golden Shiners area always the best way to produce big numbers of big bass. Especially during the winter months when these giant females are looking for a big meal before and after they go in to spawn. The Golden Shiners produce over 90% of the trophy sized bass caught out of the lake.

Artificial lures can be productive if you’ve had a nice stretch of weather and your just before the next cold front. But catching these big female bass with artificials can be very random. So either way whether it be large wild shiners or artificial lures this winter season looks to be one of the best we’ve seen in quite some time.

The winter months are also our busiest months. Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible to be assured that we have one of our captains available for you on the date that you want to go on your trophy Florida bass fishing charter on Lake Toho. Give us a call at 407-288-9670 and we’ll be glad to get you out and help you get your trophy bass of a lifetime.

Have a great day and may you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Bass wishes,

Captain A. James Jackson

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