Lake Toho November Fishing Report

November Lake Toho fishing report

This November here on Orlando Florida’s Lake Toho it’s been all about the numbers, numbers, numbers. We’re averaging around 20 bass per day with some day’s up over 30 on our fishing guide trips! The action has been non-stop throughout the morning. We are on large groups of fish that are feeding heavily on bait fish. These are all healthy fish in the 2-3 pound range too! We are still getting plenty of fish up over 7 pounds along with these shear numbers of bass. We’re not only getting double ups, we’re getting some triple ups right now! Catching up to 3 fish at the same time. It’s been a lot of fun, and also a lot of work for me as a guide! Constantly un-hooking bass and re-baiting up hooks non-stop. It’s nothing to complain about though!

The fall patterns are starting up on Florida’s Lake Toho and the bass are feeding heavily on spawning shad. Getting themselves all fattened up for the winter time spawn. Using baits that imitate shad are key at this time. Spinnerbaits, flukes, rattletraps, and white swimjigs have been working well. Alternatively if the fish are being tough (say after a cold front) weighless senkos worked in lily pads and hard grass and hydrilla edges have been working well. Just throw it out in the pads or grass edge and let it sink to the bottom. Lift up and if you don’t feel a fish reel up and do it again. It’s a pretty simple technique that the fish absolutely love! Live wild shiners, as always, have been producing the best numbers and biggest fish.

The bass are grouping up in prime cover right now on Lake Toho. Areas where lily pads, hydrilla, and Kissimmee grass are all mixed together are key to finding good groups of fish. Also area’s with eel grass (which is the flat long grass that kind of looks like regular lawn grass) and hydrilla mixed together have been holding good groups of fish also.

All in all the lake continues to fish well and big numbers of fish are being caught on our Lake Toho fishing guide trips. We are having some spectacular days.

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Bass wishes,

Capt. AJ from Freelancer Bass Guide Service

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