Doubled up Lake Toho giants

Lake Toho September Fishing Report

The Summer fishing on Lake Toho this year has possibly been the best ever! With more numbers of fish and more big fish being caught than what seems like ever before. This is due to the lower than average water temperatures that we’ve been experiencing. Especially compared to last year where water temperatures were hitting the mid 90’s daily. Which made the fishing tough. Luckily this year was a cooler one and the water temp has stayed in the 80’s. And these Florida fish love it. Just a month ago we were averaging catching around 20-30 bass on our Lake […]

Florida spring time bass

Spring Fishing Report

The Florida bass fishing here on West Lake Tohopekaliga has been phenomenal this spring. Because of restoration work that is being done on the Kissimmee River South of Lake Toho water levels are lower than usual. These conditions have forced Lake Toho bass to the outside edges of the maidencane grass fields. This has caused bass to group up in large concentrations in boat cuts and pockets on the outside edge of the grass field. There is also an open-water aspect to the bass fishing on Lake Toho this year. With great numbers of fish staging over top of Eel […]

The Truth Behind Cold Front Bass

  Why do cold fronts affect bass? Cold fronts are probably one of the most misunderstood weather conditions that face bass fisherman. We are going to break it down in a way so that it can be used as a tool to help you become a more consistent fisherman. There are several different things that happen in the water environment that cause bass to change how they feed. As a cold front approaches the bio-metric pressure begins to fall. A falling barometer does a few different things that has a positive effect on the fishing and it’s all about the […]