Lake Toho September Fishing Report

Doubled up Lake Toho giants

The Summer fishing on Lake Toho this year has possibly been the best ever! With more numbers of fish and more big fish being caught than what seems like ever before. This is due to the lower than average water temperatures that we’ve been experiencing. Especially compared to last year where water temperatures were hitting the mid 90’s daily. Which made the fishing tough. Luckily this year was a cooler one and the water temp has stayed in the 80’s. And these Florida fish love it.

Just a month ago we were averaging catching around 20-30 bass on our Lake Toho charters. While unfortunately that has seemed to have ended, we are still averaging around 15 a day on our 4-5 hour trips. With a chance at a giant nearly every trip, and bass over 5 pounds being everyday fish.

As always live wild shiners have been the best producers. But the artificial bite has been pretty good flipping and using speed worms. So if artificialing is your thing now is a great time to go.

The majority of the fish are still offshore as the water temps have not yet cooled down enough for the fish to start moving shallower. Deeper hydrilla edges and offshore hydrilla are where the majority of the fish are, and is where most of the bigger fish are being caught.

All in all this year has been one of the best ever for fishing Toho and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon. With the temperatures in Florida getting ready to start slowly falling the fishing outta just keep getting better as we head into the fall.

If you’re looking to book your trip now would be the time to get in on the action.

Bass wishes,

Captain AJ

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2 thoughts on “Lake Toho September Fishing Report

  1. I am interested in a fall bass trip to occur in the prespawn feeding time and would like to fish both Toho and Kissimmee. I am looking for advise on timing to maximize the opportujity for quality bass rather than quantity. I will likely want two days on each lake and will need 1 or 2 boats depending on timing and how many fellow anglers wish to join me once I have the information to share.

    We have the desire to catch quality fish and are ok with artificial or live bait with experience fishing with both. Plastics, top water, flipping etc. are all options.

    1. Hello Todd, we can get you guy’s out no problem. We specialize in catching trophy bass so you’ve come to the right place. If you are looking for the prespawn bite then its best to go as close to the winter time as you can. Because that is when the bulk of the fish begin to spawn.

      Since you’re looking for size, live wild shiners are usually always the best bet. But some artificials can be great options depending on the weather the week of your trip. Flipping is always a solid way to catch giants. But it’s best to decide on what to use the week of your trip so we can take all factors in and choose what is right for catching the big girls.

      The best way to contact us is by email at or by calling at 407-288-9670.

      Hope that answers all your questions. If you have any others don’t hesitate to ask.

      Bass wishes,
      AJ Jackson from Freelancer Bass Guide Service

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