Lake Toho September fishing report

20 pound Lake Toho bag of bass

The bass fishing on Lake Toho has been more consistently good than I have ever seen it! And it’s because of one thing, the FWC. I have to say the FWC has done a great job of managing these lakes and listening to us these last 8.2 pound lake toho giant basscouple of years and we are all able to pick the fruits of their labor now.

With the reduction of spraying and killing the hydrilla it has allowed for massive populations of fish to concentrate in it. Which in turn has lead to the consistent fishing. They’re spraying it the way they should be now. They’re letting it grow and only killing off what impedes travel. With so much grass left in the lake, if you have the right weather (a cloudy day with a decent wind) it’s almost like you can catch them off of anything right now.   

As you’ve probably already figured out, the majority of the bass are on

Eel grass
Eel grass

hydrilla right now. Their are also good populations of fish on the eel grass around the edges of the lake which the fish will use just like the hydrilla. It’s also worth mentioning that the eel grass populations are as high as I’ve seen them. The whole lake is just in great shape. The only other cover worth fishing right now are the brush piles. There are still good groups of fish on them. The shell bed and running water areas have slowed up and the fish are not using them as they once were.

8 pound lake toho bassAs I said earlier when you have the right weather it’s as if you can catch them off of anything you want! But for the most part speedworms, chatterbaits, and swimjigs have been working the best for moving baits and worms and creature baits have been working well both in the hydrilla and brush piles just slowly dragging them through. You can also get on a good flipping bite later in the day on some of the hydrilla mats coming out from the Kissimmee grass line and even on some of the Kissimmee grass points coming out into the lake. 

The lake is fishing really well right now and as long as you have a decent wind putting a 20 pound bag of fish in the boat has been nearly everyday! Whether you’d like to use artificials or shiners, a day on lake Toho is going to be a good one.

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Bass wishes,

Capt. AJ

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